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News Center

Shanghai bauma show  2017-10-23
Full formation dual power head drill is about to be delivered to the user  2015-11-27
HTW400A full formation dual power head drill for Africa  2015-11-27
Our company successfully participated in the South Africa BMW Engineering Machin  2015-11-27
600mm aperture combination of DTH drilling pipe construction technology  2015-11-27
Pile hole drill rock water circulation deslagging video  2015-5-29
Rock test video for pile hole drill  2015-5-29
Companies and trade and domestic trade in close cooperation to promote products  2013-10-25
New Year's Regards  2012-1-10
Beijing Huntd-Drill's 10th Anniversary Ceremony  2012-2-8
new double power well drilling rig  2015-5-29
Establishing Business Relationship with Chile in 2009.  2009-9-10

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