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Beijing Easy Tunnel Non-ditch Technology CO., Ltd. is our company registered as our engineering Construction Company in. At present our company has owned over 20 kinds of medium and giant directional drilling rigs, such as HT-20L, HT-32L, HT-48L, HT-58L, HT120L, HT240L, VemeerD200, Auger DD660 and so on. Our company can carry out various types of pipeline-laying within the diameter of 1500mm, and within the pipelines length of 1500m for once. The pipeline-laying projects are involved in electricity, telecommunications, gas, drainage, oil and other large pipeline laying works, along with a variety of underground pipeline exploration projects. With 15 years of richly engineering construction experience, practical construction skills, scientific design, strict management, meticulous construction as our goal, the use of guided drilling technology to bypass the existing underground pipeline, or other obstacles. Our company has successfully completed the sand layer, gravel layer, such as weathered rock strata, various types of pipeline-laying works. Besides, our company is based on rapid construction speed, high accuracy, remarkable social benefit, which have got more trust, praise and support from our customers and society.

Construction Scheme Discussion

Communication Pipeline Laying Site in Songhua River, Harbin

Pipe-shed Support Site for Railway in Beijing

HT-20L Engineering site in Beijing

HT-48L Engineering Site in Zhengzhou

HT-42L Engineering Site in Hengshui

HT-48LEngineering Site in Tangshan, Hebei

HT-48LEngineering Site in Jinan, Shandon

HT-58L Engineering Site in Shijiangzhuang, Hebei

HT-120LEngineering Site in Beijing Airport

Auger DD660Engineering Site in Beijing

D200VemeerEngineering Site in Weifang Shandong

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