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Our Cultures

Operational Mode
Management and Leadership Approach

Our Cultures Values

Our Company values are expressed in these ways:
Focus on Quality
We set increased quality of our products and processes as our main objective, So  our productivity and profitability will follow. To achieve increased quality we all must have a commitment to Continuous Improvement.
Customer Driven
Asymtek must always satisfy its external customers with quality products and services. Customer satisfaction will be the basis of our business plans.
Pride in Company & Products
We have pride in knowing we are personally contributing to the success and reputation of Asymtek and its products. We all have high expectations of our management, our co-workers and ourselves. Therefore, we treat our products, our management, our services,  and we are all firmly convinced that: "There is no best, but better."
Trust in People
We are all responsible people and can be trusted to do the best possible job. Trust in each other is needed to achieve excellence.
Strength in Teamwork
Teamwork is the backbone to our success. If we stress teamwork, there will be few internal political problems based on "US" vs. "THEM" or "It's Not My Job".
Open Communication
We feel comfortable expressing ideas and opinions freely. Listening is key to communication and we listen to each other carefully.
People Development
 We will support continuing education and training of our employees. We will provide career growth opportunities to employees before looking outside Asymtek.
Win/Win Problem Solutions
 We should try to find win/win resolutions to problems.

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